Request to transfer a project outside SDU
Afgivende projekt
The email stated must be the same as the email of the project manager for the transferring project.

Name of the project manager for the transferring project*
Additional contacts and emails
The case number of the transferring project*
Original title of the transferring project*
Types of information for transmission*
Limitations of the groups of persons for whom the information concerns

If the transferring project originally received personal data from another project, a register, etc., there may be circumstances in which case the information cannot be handed over.

Receiving project
Name of recipient*
Email of recipient*
Address of recipient*
Phone number of the recipient*
CVR-number of recipient (if relevant)*
Title of the recipient project*
Approval authority of the recipient project*
File number of the approval authority*
File number of the Danish data protection agency of the recipient project
Has the receiving project been granted permission from the Danish Scientific Ethical Committee?*